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Tree Removal

    In Seattle, Tree Removal can be a tough business, especially when one has to assess the tree. Our licensed arborist knows just what to look for when evaluating the health of your tree and have been professionally trained in the safest and most efficient way to remove any tree should it need removal. We also perform Stump Grinding, leaving your yard beautiful and like it never was even there.

Stump Removal Seattle

Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump
that is currently lodged in the ground through the use of a machine called a “stump grinder.” This machine has a large heavy duty wheel-blade with sharp teeth. The blade spins around rapidly until the stump is “ground” out. The stump grinder works like a chipper at ground level. We make passes back and forth over and through the stump with the machine until the stump is ground 4-12 inches below the surface.

Tree Planting

    Finding expert tree planting in Seattle that creates a beautiful new look for your garden is easy as picking up your phone. Emerald Tree Service provides an array of high-class tree services at an affordable price. We plant all types of trees and use our vast experience to ensure the survival of healthy young trees. Additionally, we are capable of transplanting larger trees and offer professional excavation and root pruning, soil amendment and decomposition services.

Tree Pruning

    We offer complete tree pruning services including crown raising and reduction for high value specimen trees, view pruning, and fruit tree pruning.

Crown Thinning Seattle

Crown Thinning

    Crown thinning is the process of removing selected branches (usually dead, weak, overlapping and duplicated branches) from the crown of the tree to improve the balance and structure of the tree.
    This process lets more light through the branches and ’lightens’ the tree making it appear less dense.

Hedge Trimming

    We handle all types of trimming including major restructuring to yearly maintenance. Our team offers complete hedge trimming on all areas of your property.

    We always welcome your call and we are happy to come out and give you a Free Estimate!

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